Welcome to Hellsangels


Originally based on Baron von Benz’s UOP4.5 Super Patch,  the Hell’s Angels Super Patch
is a massive, one-time install, non-date based, Unofficial Super Patch
for the Sierra-Dynamix game, Red Baron 3D.  

 Several updates occur to the original RB3D when installed to include but not limited to:

  • All new Stock aircraft models created by members of SWWISA

  • 6 new German Aces including their specific historic paint schemes

  • French Bomber Escadrilles fly French made bombers!!

  • All new User pilot pictures as well as Central and Entente photos based on original pictures.

  • Aircraft skins by OvS, Shredward, BvH, DeltaK, Pat Wilson, Andreas and SWWISA members

  • New ‘The Blue Max’, and WWI era shell music

  • Historically based Flight Model by Greybeard and Damage Model by Zintek

  • Forward firing machine guns on all Bomber/Recon aircraft that are equipped with them.

  • Authentic cockpit instruments, and matching cockpit forward views to underwing skins

  • Much more color variety to all aircraft providing more atmosphere to the game


About Hell’s Angels

Hell’s Angels is a non-date based Super Patch.  It contains scenery, effects, objects, skins, damage models, flight models, and shell enhancements for the original Red Baron 3D game by Sierra Dynamics.  It is not recommended but it can safely be used in Direct Draw mode and does not require the use of a 3Dfx based card.   I do recommend that you download the terrific dgVoodoo wrapper if you are using an Nvidia or ATI based graphics card.

This patch was the work of not only myself and Bodega, but many of the best Red Baron modelers, designer, programmers, and artisans in the RB Community.  It began simply as my ‘Home Brew’ simpatch folder and grew from there.  Over the years, after acquiring so many patches, skins, effects, etc, I decided it was time to mastermind the production of my own artistic effort.  Inspired by the 1930’s WWI movie, Hell’s Angels, I tried my best to co-ordinate, re-master, alter and create the best atmosphere possible for the RB flyer.  From novice to Ace, there is a little bit for every skill level  interested in the atmosphere of WWI aerial combat.

There are many enhancements offered in this patch, to include:

  • All Aircraft models by SWWISA
  • Greybeard’s newest Flight Model with wing loading effects and degrading performance
  • Zintek Damage Model includes forward firing machine guns on all bombers/recons.
  • Skins by Delta K, Pat Wilson, Beck, OvS, Baron von Helton, and Lowengrin
  • Combined scenery from both Kessler’s latest PL Super Patch and Rabu’s OTE 4-Seasons Patch
  • New Ace schemes for aces like Kurt Wolf, Lothar von Ritchtofen, Josef Mai, Otto Konnecke, Ulrich Neckel, Joe Fall and others
  • Accurate Ace profiles backed by SWWISA historians Steve Fabert and Shredward.
  • Garp’s Flameout combined with Capt. Darwin’s smoke
  • Leaping pilot patch by Hobbes – sorry no parachute patch, here you die!
  • New German, French, British, and American name lists
  • Hundreds of new skins derived from Andreas, OvS, Shredward, Walther Weaver, Baron von Helton and Pat Wilson’s WFP efforts. 

The most being the amount of attention I paid to the details like skins, colors and patterns.  I concentrated on matching lines, matching cockpit views, and creating the effect of realism by matching all insignias, liveries and lozenge patterns as close as possible.

HA does not require a Campaign Manager like CM11 to operate.  It is a one time install and can be done with or without CM11.  The patch uses the stock RB aircraft list and does not use aircraft slot switching.  It was designed for simplicity, but heavy content.  My goal was to fit as much as possible into the original constraints of the game designs/limits.   With HA, there are 5 new German aces.  Although that required the removal of 4 Entente aces, and Max Immelman, it was worth it.  Now you get back Hermann Göring, and add in Fritz von Röth, Otto Kissenberth, Josef Mai, and Kurt Wolf.

Aces are complete with aircraft schemes and profiles. All Ace pictures have been updated with more attractive, recognizable, war time portraits, providing a more personal feel to the game.  You can now see what Ernst Udet looks like rather than that annoying picture of him squashed down in his flight suit.  LOL!

At any rate, please take time to look at the smaller details in HA.  It’s what I concentrated on the most.  Variety, atmosphere, action, and precision are words I can think to best describe HA.  I hope you enjoy it as I had you all in mind when I made it.  It has been a lot of fun (and very long nights!).  Download it now and jump into WWI!

Tips for Playing Hell’s Angels

Courtesy of Skidmark

  • View Flight Plan option after selecting mission.
  • Eliminate waypoints – no sense in flying back to make a waypoint after you’ve been drawn off in battle Set up as few waypoints as possible.
  • Waypoint locations – set up a line to get across NML between infantry locations, those high brass ass CO’s will send you directly over the enemy!
  • Use waypoints with as few guns to shoot at you as possible, ammo dumps and rail yards are out as far as navigation waypoints, airdromes have at least 3,bridges 2,towns have none.  Not much you can do about escort missions AFAIK .

Courtesy of Tussnet

  • When I’m in a furball, I always try hard to be the highest plane in the fight. Then I just dive on the enemies and push them lower to the ground, the whole time staying higher than everybody. This way, I am assured nobody is going to be on my tail when I’m picking my next target, plus if one of my wingmen get in trouble, I can dive to him. The AI is easier to shoot down when they’re trying to shoot someone else down.
  • For Balloon attacks: Be greedy and go for the balloon, while your wingmen go for the ground installations, so when the CAP dives on you, you will be the highest in the fight.
  • Aerodrome attacks: Use the LIFO rule, Last In of all your wing mates, First Out, for every pass. This way the guns will concentrate on them, and not you. If your wingmen start to go home, don’t go for “Just one more pass”. Go with em.
  • 2 – Seaters: Stay under them the whole time. No exceptions. If the start to turn so the gunner can get a shot at you, bank the same way they are banking, then push FORWARD on the stick for a little bit, then start to turn with them. This gets you under them as you turn. When you shoot at them, LEAD them. I don’t think people lead these planes enough and end up hitting the bottom of the fuse. Shooting off the props of 2-seaters constitute for most of my and my wingmen’s kills. Reminder: The 2 seaters like to get behind you now, so BREAK HARD if you start taking hits from behind.
  • Collisions: Avoid these. Even if they don’t break your plane apart, they might decelerate your plane to no airspeed, and you’ll spin to your death. Get close to planes, but if you get TOO close, or the difference in airspeed is too much, just break off. Another go around is much better than dying.
  • Ground Fire: Avoid at all cost, but drag enemies to your installations so the ground fire can pick them apart

Courtesy of Ziggy

Some things to keep in mind while you fly missions in SP…

  • Avoid using any of the keys…. aka…. “N”, “E” and “F”. Only use your eyes….. if ya cant see it…. you cant know about it…. if you cant see the national markings, or tell by the shape of the mid range model….. it is a unknown and to be treated as such…… use the “T” key only after you visually ID a plane as being friend or foe.

  • If not the flight leader then always follow the flight leader…. as in many many times the flight I will be apart of but not the lead will pass a flight of enemy planes…. close enough to tell what type of plane they are and to see the pilot/obsver figures, yet… the flight leader will ignore them and continue on to the mission target.

  • If the flight leader always follow the mission… many have a time limit in getting to the mission target….. defend the balloon and such… you may shoot down a ton of enemies on the way, but if the balloon gets zapped because you putzed around shooting up things on the way….you will be in the deep six once you get back to base…. and in reality… get hammered big time….

  • Depending on your position in a flight, you could/will be the wingman to the ai pilot in line in front of you…. stick with that guy, protect him….You should have noticed that if there is a AI pilot behind you on the position list they generally will be your wingman and follow you around….some do a good job and will ignore bad guys… even ones shooting them…. so watch them too….

    The point? As players even with the 255% ai enhancments it is possible to gain a kill record far beyond what even MvR would be capable….(thats if the game doesnt decide to whack you off no matter what you do and Ive seen and experienced this many many times). By following/sticking to the above 4 suggestions you will bring your kill count to a realistic level….. you will experience the game better…..

Courtesy of Seminole

Granted if you fly as a low ranking pilot, with little experience (few kill credits) you can be duped into some very tricky situations.

Once I gain rank and take command of a squadron I find things improve considerably in the AI’s ability….with a little help from me.

  • As CO I can then take the new guys up to high altitude and stand back and let them take out easy marks like BE2cs and watch their skills improve considerably. 

  • Another good tactic is to look for a balloon attack mission and reassign myself as leader and limit the flight to one inexperienced pilot. I can get the balloon and then watch the rookie’s tail when the covering flight attacks. If he survives this first encounter he has the potential of becoming a good addition to the squadron.

In the campaign I’m flying now I was drafted into Jasta 11 and by January 1917 I had assumed command. During January and February I concentrated on letting the other pilots get the majority of the kills. By March all my pilots had at least 5.

The payoff came this morning as we were assigned an aerodrome attack mission.  En route, we ran across a flight of Neuiport 11’s attacking our infantry.  We broke this up and got one kill without loss.  I broke off and headed to the assigned aerodrome.  Upon arriving ,there was a flight of Neuiport 17’s on the field. I strafed a hanger and AA battery then turned to engage the Neuiports, which by this time were airborne. The Jasta joined in, wiped them out, and then attacked the aerodrome inflicting damage…until I broke off the attack.

The total kills were 7 for the mission, with heavy damage to the enemy inflicted, and a score of almost 200,000.The friendly AI performed flawlessly.

I have to believe that the “bad reputation” the AI has isn’t totally deserved….at least the AI that controls friendly pilots. The AI ability of the enemy opponents, on the other hand, is probably the least capable since the player has no opportunity to affect it. It does leave one wishing for better skilled foemen at times.


Q:  Do you know if the Patch also works without Glide?
A:  Yes, with the help of DeltaK, we made sure all SWWISA and HA skins are DD compatible.
      Rens’s  DD scenery package available at his site makes a very nice addition as well,
and is recommended.

Q: I just installed the HA Super Patch onto an existing RB3D install which had the PL Super
    Patch installed.  When I click on the ACE PREVIEW button, I get a crash to desktop.
Before I installed this patch, everything was working fine.

A: This unfortunately cannot be corrected.  As of today, this problem is experienced with not only
HA, but WFP as well. They both alter the file, pilots.dat, while PL does not.  It is something that
has not been found yet.  However, there is a walk-around.  Create a campaign, or open your
existing one.  View your squadron dossier.  Now go back to the Ace profiles and 9 times out
of 10, there is no CTD.  

Q: The Sopwith Camel engine sounds are like a well oiled sewing machine, not like
a noisy radial at all.

A: The Camel is actually a ‘quiet’ crate once airborne and cruising.  Much like running open headers
on a  small block Chevy, once you hit a certain rpm, she mellows out and sounds good.
Everything in between that is an audio disaster.  The Camel sounds were taken from my video of
the Camel run-up and Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.  SWWISA member, Steve Fabert did the clean
up and conversions for HA. It is an actual Camel, not a mish-mash from other sources.  

Q:  I open Red Baron, click on Campaign and I get a CTD (Crash To Desktop)!  Why?

A: One thing I’ve noticed with Red Baron, is you need to have the CD in the drive, whether you’re
using Tom Winter’s ‘No CD Patch’ or doing the ‘six click’ on the right icon trick.  Red Baron needs
to access the CD for various  videos throughout the length of the war.  Some are for the
introduction of new aircraft, others are for events in the war.  You can either leave the disc in the
drive or copy the video folder (201MB) from the CD to the \redbaron3d\data folder if you have the
extra space (260MB).

Q: I just downloaded the latest Hell’s Angels patch… I load it, it works fine but I’ve flown 6
missions and have not seen an enemy plane yet.  What gives?

A: Well, first of all, you need a clean, new install of Red Baron.  Then load Hell’s Angels.  What
happens is that your campaign might be hanging on to old .dat files.  Deleting the campaign will
not help. The problem will remain.  Just start fresh, you’ll be rewarded!

Q: My frame rates drop when I get into a furball or something like a balloon burns, or
someone is flamed.   What can I do?

A: Hell’s Angels is loaded with many different textures and puts a strain on the old technology it
was built on. You can D/L the 64scale effects reducer BMPs, lower you screen resolution, lower
the graphic details, or turn-off the 2 MB texture limit… but expect horrifying texture corruption to

Q:  … Uof Hermann Hesse enlisted on 1 Sept 16 and tried to join Sonderkommando
Sachsenberg.  However, I got the message “No missions assigned”. Switched to Jasta 10
and all was well.

A: Sometimes a campaign will have a hiccup when you try to generate a new mission, and you will
get the “No Mission Assigned” message. Try deleting the mission file and its backup from
campaign, and see if it will generate a new mission. Otherwise you may need to restore the
backup mission from the Waste Basket, rename it to make it the live mission, and replay it. If you
manually create a new mission and then either play it or terminate it after engine start, the game
will sometimes (but not always) reset and generate new missions normally (Steve Fabert)

Q: Somehow I lost my left elevator. Didn’t seem to affect the flight  As soon as I touched
down and even before I switched the engine off, lo and behold the missing elevator was
restored – boy did those mechanics work fast! Odd though…. (maybe it’s my problem as
I’m still in DD).

A: Aircraft repair for comparatively minor damage occurs on safe landing and switch off. It’s another
RB3d ‘cheat’, just like the healing of wounds. Land and switch off and hands are laid upon you to
cure everything except massive structural damage and oil leaks. (Steve Fabert)

Q: Once enemy aircraft are in the area and the “slewable” mode is used, a mesh or
gridwork shows up between my upper and lower wings and great patches of ground turn
into huge black areas.

A: You need to enable ‘2MB texture memory’ on your Voodoo card setting or in the Openglid.ini file
of the Glidos Wrapper.  This is not an HA issue, it is unfortunately a RB issue.  You can bump up
the limit to 4MB in the Glidos Wrapper.  I’ve heard it works pretty well at that level too.

Q: What is that piece of wood sticking out of the side of the Albatros D.II engine?

A: That’s not wood, that’s the exhaust pipe.  Put a cigarette in you mouth and lean forward…. oh
yeah, this is only a game… ?

Q:  Just want to know… Is Cappy’s FM already in HA or do I need to put that  in on my own?

A: Not a silly question…. Yes, along with Zintek’s newest DM. The Royce FM is only for Authentic
mode, the other two modes (intermediate and easy) use Stock Red Baron FM’s. The files are there incase you might need them down the road. A lot of folks always ask for them, so I put them on the site.

Red Baron 3D

So, you stumbled upon the Hell’s Angels website, and have seen the screenshots. You get extremely excited about this so you order Red Baron 3D off of Amazon.com. Finally the day comes when it arrives, and the case has a big DOES NOT WORK UNDER WINDOWS XP label on the front. And you have XP! Dang. But you don’t understand, you know people have run RB3d under WinXP, why can’t you? It has something to do with the way Sold Out Software has burnt the game onto it’s disc. Fortunately, thanks to members of the Red Baron community, we now have a fix that lets you run Red Baron on XP. I suggest that you have a LEAST 700MB before attempting this. In the end, this version will take up 450MB of HD space, and you will always need 80MB for file swapping.1. Download IsoBuster, and then install it.

2. Create a new, empty folder where you want Red Baron to go. For this example I am creating a folder in C:\games\ and I name it RB3d.

3. Now that you have a place to put Red Baron, put in the SOS CD into your CD-Rom drive. If a setup screen pops up, just close it. It isn’t necessary.

4. After you have the SOS CD in your drive, start ISO buster. A screen should come up, and the words RedBaron3D should appear twice, with the second one have a whole bunch of folders under it. Right-Click the second RedBaron3D that has a BLUE box in front of it, and select “Extract RedBaron3D”

5. A screen will pop up that will let you navigate your computer. Navigate to the folder that you created for Red Baron, and hit OK. The time to extract the files will vary with your computer’s speed.

6. Eject the SOS CD from your machine.

7. Now go to the directory you extracted the files. Run Setup.exe, NOT Setup.now.exe. This will install Red Baron Properly on your machine. Follow the installations instructions like normal.

8. You need the video files to run video. Go back to where you originally extracted the file, and go into the Data subdirectory. Copy the whole Videos directory, the go to C:\SIERRA\RedBaron3D\Data (or where ever you installed it) and paste the whole directory there.

9. Now you need to install the 1078 patch. Open up My Computer, and navigate to where you have extracted Red Baron. There should be a folder called PATCHES. Go into that folder and there will be a file named RB3D1078.EXE. Run it, and it will patch RB3D.

Now you will have a working copy of Red Baron 3D on your computer, videos and all. I suggest that you ask a friend to try the CD burning way, which I will post tomorrow, so you will always have a nice, working disc if you ever need to reinstall. (Or install more copies! He he) Also, if you have a USB joystick, you might notice you have lost the sound on the second time playing. I’m also planning to write a guide on that.

How to UPGRADE the “VALUE LINE” Version of RBII to RB3D.

The next trick is for those of you who may have bought the Red Baron “2” game, and wish to upgrade it with the Super patch to RB3D.

These are the instructions to get your game to work that way.

1) Open the Registry Editor (run ‘regedit’)
3) Expand ‘Software’
4) Expand ‘Sierra On-Line’
5) Expand ‘Red Baron 2’
6) Create a new key off of Sierra On-Line called ‘Red Baron II’
7) Copy, word for word, every string in ‘Red Baron 2’ into ‘Red Baron II’.
There is ‘cddir’, ‘workdir’, ‘version’ and another key named the same as the entry for ‘version’.
8) Close the Registry Editor.
9) Run the Super Patch.

Credit for this one is to B. Massey.

Correcting the Loss of Sound Issues in Windows XP

From JFM24577 on the FCJ forum

You can get around the annoying “joystick unplugging” with these .bat files.

Download ’em here: http://www.ibiblio.org/phha/RB3Dbatfiles.zip

1. There will be four files after unzipping.
2. Put the .bat files in the root RB directory, and put the RB3D_MP and RB3D_SP files on the desktop and use them to launch the game (SP=single player, MP=multi player).

The result? You never have to unplug your joystick again!

If your RB3D is not in the default folder, of if you have upgraded from RBII, as I did, you will have to change the directory inside the .bat file. This is easily done with notepad.


I made a program that turns your (“in sim”) sound back on in XP before starting RB SP or RB MMP


It works for me fine saves plugging/unplugging your USB joystick every time.

I get the campaign CTD, took a couple of reinstalls to get it working again.

S! Rens”

Resurrecting a dead pilot

In your \sierra\redbaron3d\campaign folder there is a campagnXX.dat and a campagnXX.mis file to match.  

Also you will see matching files backupXX.mis and backupXX.dat that have the same number as the campagnXX files above. Count the pages in the pilot log and note the one that the dead pilot is on.  Delete (or rename) the two original campagnXX files to another name, and rename the two backupXX files to the original campagnXX file.  

Now restart Red Baron, and viola’, your pilot is resurrected. 

This Hell’s Angels AI is Stupid!!!

If you are finding many pilots crashing their planes, this is a common occurrence.  If you think you’re having issues flying the Royce II FM, try being the AI.  The data in the FM is very accurate and unfortunately the AI of Red Baron was built on the old FM.  I have seen this problem with every FM that was out there, but now more than ever, we have strived to make these crates as real as possible… well… now we have to strive to educate and train the AI as well.

1. Download the AI enhancer on the Hell’s Angels website.
2. Unzip it and select the level which you might feel comfortable with. 

  • The higher the better.  The 250 and higher files seem to work best…

3. Copy the one you choose to your desktop, and rename it rbprefs.dat
4. Place this new file into your \sierra\redbaron\data folder, overwrite, and play.
5. The way to tell if the AI enhancer is working is to look at the pointer on the Realism slider.  It should be way to the right.

*Note:  because this is a Preference file, some of your setting may change.  Check all setting before you play.  However, if you change any setings in the Realism menu, the AI enhancer will drop to stock AI levels. 

Turning off the Force Feedback properties in Red Baron

Taken right from the S/D Red Baron readme file…

“Because of difficulties switching video modes while in Glide and Direct Draw modes, many pop-up system requests are be disabled in these modes. One of these requests was the system’s joystick calibration routine. Because of this, you can not calibrate joysticks while in the game. In general this doesn’t cause any difficulties, but it does make you need to take one extra step when enabling force feedback joysticks.

To enable your force feedback joystick in single player, go to the Preferences, select Graphic Setting, then go to the Graphics Options screen and click the checkbox to run the sim in Windowed mode. While the sim is in Windowed mode, right click to bring up the options menu and choose to calibrate your joystick. You should now be able to turn on force feedback support. Once you have done this, you can exit the simulation and return your Grapic Setting to Glide or Direct Draw mode. You can enable your force feedback joystick in any graphics mode in multiplayer by right clicking to bring up the options menu and choosing joystick.

Note also that the realism options control aircraft torque. This will cause most aircraft to tend to roll to the left. This is normal and not a joystick calibration problem. To verify that your joystick is operating correctly in Red Baron 3D, you may disable torque in the Realism Options.” – Sierra Dynamix

Adjusting the number of missions in Red BaronLeBlaque

Using Notepad, create a file with the following lines:


Save the file in your RB root directory as campaign.ini

You can then adjust the missions number (85 in the above case) to a number that suits you. You can thus have longer or shorter campaigns as you see fit. I plan on counting the number of days MvR had a kill, make that my mission number, and see how I do.