Wolfenstien 3D on INTV???

Arnauld ‘The Mad Programmer’ is at it again building a brand new game based on the original ID version of Castle Wolfenstien 3D. Right now there is a test version that is really helping to build the walls and see how the INTV chipset handles the load. It looks crude, but again, it’s a WIP (Work in Progress) and with the help and input of the INTVProg group, this promises to be a breakthrough in INTV gaming.

CGC Presses on!

This is a literal ‘cut and paste’ from Joe’s site regading the Classic Game Controller…

“Latest updates for Classic Game Controller:

It’s now 3 months since we placed the first order for the CGC. We have been having nothing but problems with our manufacturer. We finally have in our possession 100 CGC devices and 100 enclosures for them. The manufacturer bungled the enclosures, so they all need to be hand modified so the adapter can be plugged into it.

We also need to create our own USB cables for each one, using a special internal connector, since the manufacturer didn’t think to make the enclosure big enough to accommodate a normal header.

More bad news, we have no adapter cables from the manufacturer, either.

We are trying to find a way to hand produce the adapter cables on a per-customer basis. We will keep everyone informed as to our progress.

The good news is, it works. We have tested the new boards, and they seem to work flawlessly.”

Don’t worry Joe… we’re hanging in there…

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