New Intellivision Game Released!!!

After 4 years of silence, a new Intellivision game has emerged!!

‘Stonix’ by Arnauld Chevallier has been released as a full version, in true Intellivision form. It is a boxed version complete with manual, overlays and classic artwork. Here is the full press release…

“A New Intellivision game!

IntelligentVision has announced pre-sales of Arnauld’s game, STONIX. The game will be packaged in the box with a manual and 2 overlays. Visit the origin website and use the origin discount code INTV5 to get 10% off your order. The website contains pictures of the packaging, screen shots, and information regarding the process of making the game.

This is NOT the demo that was released with 3 levels. It contains over 100 levels, a 2 player mode, more bonuses, and more. There will be a limited production run so do not hesitate to place your order. This game will become impossible to find as is 4-Tris that was released in 2000.

The IntelligentVision team”

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