My Classic Game Controller has Arrived!

After the initial wave of orders (I got mine!!!!) Joe and the boys at ST are caught-up and ready for more orders. The CGC is proving to be a breakthrough item, especially for those of you that have MAME cabinets like me. It may very well provide support in the future for all sorts of other emulators outside the Intellivision console it was originally designed around.

classic game controller

Also in the works from ST is another, long awaited update to Nostalgia. From Joe on the Shiny Technologies forum:

“Morning, all. Here’s the planned improvements for Nostalgia 3.8. I hope to release it in a few weeks or less, depending on my schedule (which is crazy, to say the least.)

The game folder is no longer rescanned every time Nostalgia is run. It is only rescanned if the folder contents have changed.
There is now a database management tool for maintaining and updating the database.
The MiniExec and MiniGrom have been renamed so they don’t overwrite any existing Exec and Grom files.
Better handling of .cfg files. Now supporting Write Only Memory.
Changes to sound routines to fix a slight bug.
Changes to sound handling to drop sound frames if game is running too slowly.
Fixed another bug with video capture.
Network play has been disabled pending updates.

There will also be image packs made available to work with the new database. HUGE thanks to David Harley for putting these together for us.”

Looking to the future, if you have a MAME cabinet, and love Intellivision, Nostalgia and the CGC are for you!

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