New to the Intellivision World is the release of IntyOS version 0.2 Alpha! At the controls of this project is Arnuald Chevallier, whom has had quite a bit of success with many INTV projects. This one particular program will allow this Intellivision to step into the new mellinium and provide us with tools and options never imagine before. With talk of a possible HTML reader, and Telnet sessions, IntyOS promises to push the Intellivision as far as being on the internet. Not an unual idea as the Commodore 64 is capable of the same, as are some older Tandy, and Atari computers.

From his site:

” This project was initiated just for the fun of it after a thread was started by Joe Zbiciak in the IntvProg discussion list about Contiki, another open-source operating system for very small computers. However, IntyOS is not a port of Contiki and does not have the same desktop environment, nor the same built-in tools. It was written from scratch in CP-1600 assembly language in order to fit exactly to the hardware specificities of the Intellivision. Its main goal is now to see how far it’s possible to go with today’s technologies on such a limited system from the early 80’s”

“Right now, the system is not doing many things at this point. But in later versions, it may be time to look for external devices and/or an Internet connection, do some memory tests, build a files system… or whatever.”

Stop by his site at and have a look at this fantastic, ground-breaking program. Arnauld even has a Java based applet for a demo of the program.

Also this is Slashdot, look here for more info as well:

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