IntyOS Continues Progress!

A. Chevallier continues his work on IntyOS, the new Intellivision Operating system. He’s presently working on aspects such as a file system and bankswitching (whatever that is). IntyOS is a very promising possibility for the Intellivision and will look to add a simple HTML reader for internet access. Imagine that, after 20+ years, the Intellivision may actually be the ‘Home entertainment system’ it was designated to be after all. Exploring the possibilities of the CP1600 chipset has been a continuous goal of the INTVProg group and they are having success. Thanks to the hard work of these fellows, there are new games, new programs and all new ideas. There has been discussions about making new game cartridges (box, overlays and all), new system additions, such as the IntyOS, and furthering the Intellivision for years to come.

Take a look at the latest news and updates to Arnauld’s work on his site here… IntyOS

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