Chad Schell releases new version of the Windows Intellicart Downloader

For those of you out there that own the Intellicart, you will find this info helpful. It’s in regards to the Intellicart Loader in Windows. Apparently there have been some issues with certain ROMs not loading, but Chad has released a new version that corrects those problem.

From Chad…


I don’t know what’s up with the parser as I didn’t write that code, but I’ve put a new version of the Windows Intellicart downloader on my website that will send .ROM files unaltered. At least it lets people using Win9x
send .ROM files since they can’t turn off handshaking with the mode command.

I think that people who bought Intellicarts from Rob Mundo already have this version of the loader. You do if it has *.ROM as one of the files it lists by default.

You can get the new version here:

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