A little taste from Intellivision Productions

This came in from D. Harley about IP’s possible future endeavors:
“I do not want to create much excitement. A representative from Intellivision Productions did not give out many details, but this is what I have heard:

– Space Shuttle plays with bugs but does not have sound. I have seen it running though with sound. I have no idea why Keith said that it does not have sound.

– Flintstones game might be redone with different characters allowing it to be released. I doubt that this will happen though.

– Yogi still has the licensing issue. No info on release.

– A keyboard component emulator is being created but not by Intellivision Inc. I have no status to report on the progress of it though. Expect, I believe, for 15 cassettes to be released with the emulator if it comes to be.

– An new version of Lives! or Rocks! may be released next year. Expect it to have the Tutorvision and some homebrew games. Hopefully some unreleased ones also.

My personal hopes are that cartridges are found and dumped to the PC as many other games have such as Scooby Doo’s Maze Craze. These would be the rare ones though as all the released ones are out there.

Besides the Lives/Rock CDs being released on other platforms, the only other announcement was the 10/25 Direct-to-TV and the individual hand-helds. The 10/25 have been evaluated already. I bought one only to support the company. The games are not like the originals and are more kid oriented as they are easier to play. My wife was able to eat a shark in Shark! Shark! :)”

Thanks for the info DH, to say the least, it’s nice to look forward to some well-needed new releases.

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